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CZR investigative tour of Zvishavane and Midlands

The president of the CZR, Mr Denford Mutashu recently embarked on an investigative tour of the Midlands Province with a major focus on Zvishavane. The CZR president’s mission was to assess the acceptance levels of plastic money by the retail players in the areas covered. Simultaneously, the president assessed the existence of alleged multi-tier pricing malpractice perpetrated by some retailers. In response to outcries from consumers, the president investigated levels of price increases. He also checked the stocking levels of locally manufactured goods.

High Levels of Acceptance

The CZR investigative tour positively revealed that the acceptance levels for plastic and mobile money is very high. The president was relieved to note that most shops are equipped with POS facilities to enable smooth flows of consumer transactions. In the recent past the CZR spearheaded massive campaigns for the distribution of POS facilities across retail outlets in the rural areas. It was very encouraging to find such efforts bearing fruit.

Low Levels of Multi-tier Pricing

Allegations of multi-tier pricing malpractice in the retail sector are very rife but the CZR tour of the Midlands Province and Zvishavane revealed that the majority of retailers are law abiding. Most shops have a uniform price regardless of payment method. This good behaviour among retailers could be linked to the increased stocking of locally manufactured goods. Retailers can use plastic money and other electronic means to pay suppliers for locally manufactured goods. This, as the CZR president noted, takes away the urge to demand cash from consumers or the temptation to buy foreign currency from forex dealers in order to pay for imported goods.

The tour was a great chance for the CZR president to interact with hardworking retailers and multitudes of satisfied consumers. After this maiden investigative tour, the CZR is determined to assess the situation across the rest of Zimbabwe. The RBZ is often coerced into knee jerk reactions after sensationalized media reports of indiscipline by some retail players. This is why the CZR is undertaking these investigative tours to establish facts on the ground in order to correctly inform government’s policy interventions.

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