A Place to Belong

Every business wants to belong, whether it’s belonging to a service club or group of friends, belonging is a sense of having a stake in something bigger than oneself. Belonging to the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers is like belonging to a family. We share common interests, like the economy and legislation. We even share the need to connect with others whom we belong with. Belonging to the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers is about uniting our voices, to ensure business can continue to be vibrant, so jobs can be created and kept, and prosperity can be generated for this and future generations.

As the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers we are committed to growing our community in a manner that speaks to prosperity, health and safety. To this end we have a myriad of benefits for our members as outlined below:

Lobbying| Database/Markets| Periodic Information (Research & Development| Networking| 20% Discount in events| Free Newsletters & Magazines| Training & Development| Certificates| Residential Stands|

From FMCGs to clothing, the CZR strives for all its member retail players to thrive.

Political Clout and Representation – Let the CZR to be your business advocate.

The Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers is the leading official voice for retailers in Zimbabwe and the general business community at all levels of government. We also interpret various policies and distribute the information through our newsletter and periodic magazines. By participating on the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers policy committees or by submitting policy resolutions developed by their respective chambers to the CZR policy process for approval at its Annual General Meeting, CZR members shape the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers advocacy agenda. Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers members are the only members who can approve policy resolutions at the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Retailers AGM.

Cost Savings – To improve your bottom line.

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers has secured member discounts from a variety of local suppliers and businesses. Markets advice and information provided free of charge by our in-house Trade Experts.

The CZR also brokers lucrative discounts from local suppliers for its members