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Popularization of Shopping Bags by Supermarkets & All Retailers

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in partnership with CZR is encouraging ALL Supermarkets & the entire Retail Spectrum to popularize the use of shopping bags as an alternative to the use of plastic carrier bags.

Shopping bags support the concept of REUSE as a waste management tool and the beauty of them is that they act as a marketing tool of your various brands.  The global trend is on the Green economy and Environmental sustainability which can be witnessed by the complete phasing out of plastics by countries like Rwanda,Kenya among others.

This encouragement comes as a background to reduce plastic waste in the environment .

However,Zimbabwe is managing the plastic waste,especially from carrier bags,through the set standard of at least 30 micrometers according to the Plastic Packaging and Plastic Bottles regulations (Statutory Instrument 98 of 2010).

As Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers we commend the efforts most of the members have made towards the provision of shopping bags




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